There’s a Reason it is Called a Pedi-CURE

I walk a lot and in all kinds of weather. Sometimes, I never know where my day will take me. I try to be vigilant about good footwear to avoid the pitfalls of ill-fitting shoes and bad weather. However, there is another kind of problem that plagues the feet and that is fungus. Yes, that unsightly, itchy condition that can happen to anyone. I am focused on not having it happen to me!

I bring this up because I was having a pedicure recently and looked over to the chair next to me, as I often do, just to make eye contact and perhaps have a chat. The woman ensconced before her manicurist had the worst case of toenail fungus I have ever seen. Her toes were a blackish yellow, brittle, and unsightly. The big toenail looked yellow and about to fall off. It gave me a scare. How did she get that way and how could I avoid it? Would I be next?

I vowed to take care of my feet. I selected a salon that used sterilizing equipment. I promised not to wear tight shoes and to put only waterproof ones on in the rain. I heard that excess moisture can be the culprit when it comes to contracting fungus. I bought some foot powder as a preventative and possible cure. I was on the lookout for any telltale signs. A smelly goo was a tipoff to be sure.

A pedicure for me became a pedi-cure, or a therapeutic procedure that I felt was now required. It is a great excuse to indulge often in something pleasurable in the interests of food health. I is no longer an infrequent treat. I justify the expenditure this way and keep it at the top of my budget. It is not a discretionary item that is optional and that can be shoved aside when you are busy. Plus, it is a great way to perk up the spirits when you are feeling down.

Young people don’t get many diseases. At best, they suffer from the flu or a cold. Thus, foot health is something concrete you can do for yourself that applies to people of any age. There is no limit as to whom may be afflicted, but from what I read, I know you can protect yourself. Keeping my feet attractive and fungus free is a newly found goal that is spurring my interest. I have done my research and at the top of my game when it comes to spotting signs and symptoms.

The ads on TV are pretty funny when it comes to toenail fungus. The levity might work for product sales, but it is no laughing matter. I have visions of that women in the salon in my nightmares! I also know that cures are iffy at best and take a long time. There are prescription medications, but they are hard on the liver. Topical treatments are a daily chore. I am bound and determined to avoid such recourse by taking care of myself.