So how is the Thesis Going?

That is all anybody seems to ask lately. It is “Hi, What’s up? Oh, you’re writing a thesis, right? How’s that going?” I don’t know if people are just trying to be nice or what because they likely don’t care. People don’t actually want to hear anything about economic policy. Usually, they get all glassy-eyed or fall asleep and start to drool. And I get it. This stuff isn’t for everyone. I think it is interesting, but then again, of course I do. I learned early on that economic theories aren’t something you bust out with at parties. It would be nice if I could talk about it a little more, as I am going to have to defend the thing at some point, but that’s why I’m a teaching assistant, right? Guaranteed audience that has to sit there and listen to every word I have to say.

But anyway, back to the thesis. I am still in the work phase, so I am elbow-deep in global economic studies. My thesis centers on using Greece as a cautionary tale to argue against moving toward a more global economy, particularly with a unified currency. Printing additional currency, while it increases inflation, is an important tool in the economic arsenal of a nation when they need to get out of a recession. If you take that ability away, dangerous things can happen. Imagine what the country would be like if we literally ran out of money. Other countries who shared our currency would be able to interfere with, and potentially dictate, our ability to recover.

Sometimes my thesis keeps me up at night. My brain gets caught up in creating all these terrible scenarios. The problem is that they are so believably terrifying. It makes me wish I had picked a topic about kittens or interior design—a hobby of mine. Granted, my econ professors would not like it but it might helpmy insomnia. Then I go back to the library and hit the stacks again, and find out something really interesting, and I am happy with my topic again.

I know myself and how I jump from research lily pad to research lily pad—much like other people fall into YouTube wormholes, so when I write, I actually disable my internet access. It helps to keep me focused on the information I’ve already gathered.

I am going to take some time out to design some imaginary global currency. Aside from being fun to do, I think it will add something to the actual report. I am thinking yellow and purple. This is what I think about when I get writer’s block. It is a good way to ease myself back into the topic, and it is fun to think about making your own currency.

If you had the chance to make your own, what would you call it? Mine is still nameless.