Never Leave Home Without It

Books on economics can be weighty tomes. When they need to be transported, you need the right item for the job. I am fortunate to have a good, spacious backpack for such toting purposes. I couldn’t lug my thesis around, either, if it weren’t for this functional fellow. I have had it for ages—since high school actually—and it has never let me down. It keeps everything clean, dry, and wrinkle free, which means protected and preserved.

I didn’t know what I would be doing with this original item when I first forked over the cash some years ago. I wanted to be like everyone else and just have one over my shoulder. I was careful about the appearance and size, however, so that I would not regret my choice later on. I wanted a stylish (but not too) but workhorse model. I apparently was spot on. I still love its many hidden compartments, the adjustable strap, the roomy interior, and the waterproof and sturdy fabric. It is well made and will no doubt live to see many a new day ahead as my ubiquitous companion. It is a survivor to be sure.

Economics is my passion and I study it in its macrocosmic context as applied to the western world. But I have my own personal sort of economics as well. This has to do with staying frugal and avoiding an unnecessary strain on my meager budget—at least for the moment until after graduation. Thus, my reliable but cool backpack serves me well. It fulfills its purpose and I don’t have to start saving for a new one any time soon. I could recite a paean to it: it is that good. It wasn’t that expensive either; just looked well-made and dependable. I was right!

My books have found a happy home within its cozy confines. They seem to fall into place like magic. I can fit most all my books inside along with a fold-up rain jacket, my cell phone, a wallet, and some cosmetics. Yes, all that in one medium-sized model. I love the way it never shows dirt as it is a dark grey, almost charcoal, color. I wouldn’t care if it did. It is all about sturdiness and reliability. Frankly, if I had to get a new one, I am not sure what I would select.

So I never leave home without it. It goes to the movies, restaurants, class, on vacation, to the gym, shopping, to mom’s house, and more. It has a constant place at my side. It replaces the need for a handbag or fanny pack. It does double duty as a mini suitcase as well. It is all purpose and totally utilitarian. Practicality is its middle name. If I had to advise students of one item to splurge on before starting college, it would be to purchase a great backpack for their every need. As one for high school graduation at the very least and have it ready to do its work freshman year.